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P4COsa Self Adjustable Brace  

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 P4COft Fixed Tension Brace  

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 P4COft Fixed Tension Brace  

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P4COft© Orthosis Braces

By wearing an orthosis brace, Pectus Carinatum, a chest deformity, can be corrected. Until recently, however, a chest brace for pigeon chest (as it is also known) was bulky, heavy, and uncomfortable. The condition primarily affects pubescent through adolescent males, so that a pectus carinatum brace for a child needs to address the individual’s growth throughout treatment, which can take months. In short, the brace must be adjustable as well as imperceptible under clothing. These factors led to the design of Carbon Based’s unique and effective chest brace for pectus carinatum products.


The photos show our patented P4COft orthosis brace on an actual patient.

The smooth, uniform design is pleasing to the eye and comfortable to wear. Easily donned and tightened, the P4COft is ideal for any age or skill level, but is most suited to younger children (10 years old and younger). This pectus carinatum brace for a child features a soft gel pad and neoprene back pads to distribute pressure for all-day wearing comfort, while the standard fabric coverings protect the skin and allow air circulation.

The P4COft© Difference 

Surgical correction of Pectus Carinatum has become a rarity since the advent of tension based orthotic treatment. The current designs on the market are functional, but leave much to be desired by both practitioner and patient.
At Carbon Based we listened to patient, practitioner and physician’s concerns and after years of design refinement, research and patient care outcome analyses, we have created  a line of orthoses to address the needs of each group.
The P4COft is a revolutionary carbon fiber design, low profile, fixed tension orthosis brace. More comfortable to wear and sleep in than other devices, it is recommended for all age groups but, is especially suited for younger age groups (those under 11yrs old) who required a chest brace for pigeon chest and who present with a mild to severe deformity. The P4COft is custom fabricated to the patient’s measurements and cast. It is modular and has adjustability for growth and corrective sternal pressure.

Our patented, non-invasive P4COft orthosis is unrivaled in the treatment of Pectus Carinatum.


Carbon Fiber construction lends a light weight, sleek profile that disappears under clothes.  Factory set fixed tension is simpler for younger patients and avoids excessive compression, which can cause skin breakdown.  


As the Pectus deformity becomes more supple, the Orthotist has the ability to add spacers under the sternal pad to promote further correction. A special gel sternal pad and soft thoracic pads apply a gentle, compressive force to flatten the sternal prominence.  
The gentle compressive forces exerted by the sternal and thoracic pads afford comfort for long-term wear, which is crucial to treatment success. For orthotists seeking the ideal pectus carinatum brace for a child, the P4COft orthosis offers the patient and practitioner alike, the best treatment option.


Speak with us regarding our complete line of chest brace for pectus carinatum products.



Please let me know if you have any questions regarding orthotic selection, fitting or use of our products.

Anthony Cappa, CPO

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 P4COft Fixed Tension Brace  

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