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Pectus Carinatum Treatment Near Me

For those diagnosed with ‘pigeon chest’, or Pectus Carinatum (PC), there can be a mixed response. PC exhibits symptoms that alarm its sufferers, such as intolerance to exercise, chest pain, particularly chest wall tenderness, shortness of breath, wheezing, and palpitations, leading some to think they might have a far more serious health issue. The condition also presents as chest asymmetry sometimes causing the patient to hunch forward to mask their deformity as the condition can induce sufferers to be embarrassed, to lose their self-esteem, and to be ridiculed by their peers. Once diagnosed, there is always relief to learn that it is a condition that may be corrected, usually without surgical intervention. 


At that point, the patient’s thoughts turn to, “Where can I locate an orthosis near me? Or can I buy a Pectus Carinatum brace near me?” There is no reason for concern. Regardless of the patient’s location, Carbon Based, a leading orthosis provider, has designed a brace for Pectus Carinatum that is both non-invasive and comfortable to wear. Best of all for many Pectus Carinatum sufferers, the brace is undetectable under the wearer’s clothing. 


The P4COft and P4COsa are non-invasive braces that are easy to put on by wearers. These orthoses apply a consistent compressive pressure to the chest wall. Over time, this action will create a significant flattening of the chest wall prominence. The brace consists of a gel chest pad and foam back pads that are connected by a carbon fiber band. The sa model may be adjusted by the wearer, while the ft model requires adjustment by the patient’s physician. 


Due to the comfort and success of the P4CO there is no longer any need to search online for an “orthosis near me or Pectus Carinatum brace near me”. It is the best orthosis available to correct Pectus Carinatum. The first step to any Pectus Carinatum treatment, however, is to contact Carbon Based, LLC. Just follow the simple steps. 


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