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P4COsa Self Adjustable Brace  

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 P4COft Fixed Tension Brace  

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Welcome to Carbon Based, LLC.  We are practitioners who have treated Pectus Carinatum for over 10 years.  Our mission is two fold:  to educate patients and their families about Pectus Carinatum and to provide Orthopedic Practitioners, who treat these cases, the devices and support they need to confidently and professionally reach their treatment goals.

New Technology, Better Results

Surgical correction of Pectus Carinatum has become a rarity since the advent of tension based orthotic treatment. The current designs on the market are functional but leave much to be desired by both practitioner and patient.  At Carbon Based we listened to patient, practitioner and physician concerns and after years of design refinement, research and patient care outcome analyses, we have created orthoses to address the needs of each group.



Improved Comfort and Ease of Use

Carbon Based P4CO product line is revolutionary in its carbon fiber design, low profile structure and choices of sternal tensioning.  More comfortable to wear and sleep in than other devices, it is recommended for all age groups and is especially suited for younger age groups (those under 10yrs old) with mild to severe deformity.  Both the P4COft© and the P4COsa© are modular in design and have adjustability for growth and corrective sternal pressure.


We have eliminated the bulky buckles which tensioned the old style orthoses and replaced it with a patented carbon fiber tensioning system.  Our self adjustable design allows the patient to tension the brace, thus eliminating frequent visits to the Orthotist.



P4CO Pectus Brace Product Line

Our patented, non-invasive P4COft© and P4COsa© orthoses are a technological leap forward in the treatment of Pectus Carinatum.



P4CO Carbon Fiber construction lends a light weight, sleek profile that disappears under cloths.  A special gel sternal pad and soft thoracic pads apply a gentle, corrective force to flatten the sternal prominence.  The gentle compressive forces exerted by the sternal and thoracic pads afford comfort for long term wear, so crucial to treatment success.


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