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Pectus Carinatum Carbon Compressive Chest Orthosis

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How to Cast for a P4COft/P4COsa

Pectus Carinatum Carbon Compressive Chest Orthosis

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Pectus Carinatum and Costal Margin

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Order Your Customized P4CO Pectus Brace

The Pectus Carinatum condition can be very debilitating to its sufferers. However, with the proper treatment, this condition can be reversed. The initial step to treatment is the purchase of the P4CO Pectus Brace, the revolutionary, and most comfortable Pectus Carinatum brace. This orthosis features soft gel pads and neoprene back pads which distribute even pressure to correct the condition, yet provides the wearer with irritation-free treatment that is completely concealed under clothing.


When researching a pectus brace, doubtless many products were reviewed. The P4CO is the clear choice for all age groups. This model is far more comfortable to wear throughout the day and while sleeping than other devices on the market. It is best suited for individuals over age 10 with mild to severe deformity. Its modular construction features adjustability for the individual’s growth and corrective sternal pressure that may be adjusted by the patient themselves.


Concerns for those researching a Pectus Carinatum brace might include how to ensure a custom fitted device. There is no need for worry. Every P4CO is custom made and includes a tension-based, carbon fiber compression. Fitting and adjustment is included, as are sternal and thoracic pads. An optional  concentric, non-corrosive adjustable torsion-style mechanism may be ordered for patient adjustable tensioning. Upon request, a trapezius sling is also available.


The first step to a future without the disfigurement of Pectus Carinatum begins by ordering a  P4COft/ P4COsa today. Follow the steps above to order your P4CO Pectus Carinatum Carbon Compressive Chest Orthosis.