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Pectus Carinatum Brace Products

Carbon Based, LLC’s Pectus Carinatum Brace Products were designed as a non-invasive method to treat Pectus Carinatum.
By applying a gentle compressive force to flatten the sternal protrusion, the patient is spared the ordeals of thoracic surgery.
The concept and application of a pectus carinatrum brace to reverse the deformity, commonly known as “pigeon chest”, is simple: a carbon frame with minimal moving parts provides gentle, and effective pressure which, over time, can reverse or minimize the condition. Composed of a special gel sternal pad and soft thoracic pads connected by a single carbon band, the P4COft© and P4COsa© Orthoses are easily donned and adjusted. By applying a consistent compressive force to the chest wall over a period of time, a significant flattening of the chest wall occurs.
The modular construction of the P4CO line of chest braces enhances the versatility needed to treat Pectus Carinatum. The sternal and thoracic pads may be easily shifted to match the corrective needs of the patient’s condition. Spacer plates are simply added under the sternal pad to promote corrective forces. A P4COft can be quickly converted to a P4COsa by ordering a PACU Conversion Kit.  All P4COft orthoses are designed to accept a PACU at any point during treatment.

New Technology, Better Results

Carbon Based is the premiere source for the application of Carbon Fiber Technology in the treatment of Pectus Carinatum. Through clinical trials and research, we have engineered orthoses with the patient and practitioner in mind. What makes our pectus carinatum brace different? We DO NOT use ratchet straps, our Carbon fiber technology has replaced bulky plastic and steel construction for a lower profile and lighter weight design.  Easy for the patient to apply and the Orthotist to adjust, the custom made P4CO line of orthoses is the right fit for any age, gender or body type.
Our exclusive designs provide:
Patented carbon fiber design unequaled in the industry
Smooth, uniform design (NO RATCHET BUCKLES)
Comfort for all day and night wear-essential for treatment success
Lightweight design
Low in profile
Ideal for any age or skill level patient
Patient adjustable tensioning capability
Easy to don
Soft gel and foam pads with air flow fabric coverings
Modular design

If you have been seeking the ideal “pigeon chest” brace for yourself, your child, or are interested in learning more about our product line as a Parent, Orthotist or Orthopedist, please contact us at 888.760.7223.



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